Jam-Sport can carry out all mechanical repairs from an engine blow to replacing the clutch.
Our services include:

  •     Full & Intermediate Servicing
  •     Pre-MOT and MOT failure repairs
  •     Cylinder head overhaul, engine replacement
  •     Gearbox replacement or overhaul
  •     Repair or replacement of water pumps, power steering pumps, fuel pumps
  •     Steering racks, steering ball joints
  •     Shock absorbers, suspension parts
  •     Brake discs, disc pads, brake pipes, brake hoses, brake cylinders
  •     Tyres
  •     Fire extinguishers

Race Car Prep/Set-up

Our pre-race check over will make sure your car is ready for gapping. As well as setting up the car it will be checked for all aspects of scrutineering compliance including: –

  •     Seat mounts and seat belts
  •     Fire extinguishers and pulls, lighting
  •     Mechanical ball joints, brackets and mountings
  •     Brake components, shock absorber settings
  •     Full set-up of all suspension angles, castor and camber, F&R tracking, corner weights.

Race Car Build

Jam-Sport can build a race car to any specification and compliant to a championships regulations.
A car build would include:

  •     Full strip from road car to bare shell
  •     Removing interior trim, seats, wiring, sound deadening pads
  •     Prep for roll-cage fitting
  •     Paintwork inside and out
  •     Seat mount fitting, design and manufacture of all specialist brackets
  •     Assembly of all panels and parts to construct finished race car including graphics

You can supply the donor vehicle or Jam-Sport will source one using their contacts. Cars can be built to any championship regulations. We specialise in the BRSCC Ford Fiesta championship.

Race Car Set-up

To maximise the potential of a race car, setting it up correctly is essential. Jam-Sport will work with the driver on this process. Typically the set-up on a new car would start with:

  •     Adjustment of wheelbase, castor, camber, corner weights, shock absorber settings and four wheel tracking in that order.
  •     The next step is to track test the car using a tyre temperature gauge to set the optimum tyre pressures and camber.
  •     The final stage is to adjust the shocks to suit individual drivers preference.